Aaron Hernandez Ex New England Patriot Found Not Guilty In 2012 Double Murder Case

Aaron Hernandez, 27, former tight end for the New England Patriots was found not guilty today by a Boston jury. The jury deliberated the case for 40 hours over 6 days. The charges against Hernandez was that he opened fire on a car occupied by the victims Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in 2012. The reason allegedly was that one of the victims bumped into Hernandez inside a Boston bar spilling his drink.

The defense did not dispute that Hernandez was in the car that fired the shots. The defense claimed that the shooter was Alexander Bradley, a friend of the ex football star, who was also in the car. Bradley testified against Hernandez stating that Hernandez was enraged after his drink was spilled and he opened fire on the victim’s car as it stopped for a traffic light near the nightclub. Bradley was later shot by Hernandez in the face which resulted in the loss of his right eye. He claimed Hernandez shot him, when he brought up the shooting of de Abrue and Furtado.


Bradley was granted immunity for his testimony, and the defense tore away at his credibility on the stand. Claiming that he was granted immunity to testify against his former friend. Bradley is an admitted former drug dealer, who is currently serving a five year sentence for a 2014 shooting incident. Hernandez is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his former friend semi professional football player Odin Lloyd in 2013. Hernandez was represented by attorney Jose Baez who successfully  defended Florida mother Casey Anthony against murder charges in 2011. Baez said today he will be reviewing the Odin Lloyd conviction and try to get it overturned on appeal and set Hernandez free.

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