Aaron Hernandez ‘Murder Car’ Used In 2012 Double Slaying On The Auction Block At Ebay

Anyone can now own a little piece of infamy if they have the right price. The car a 2006 Toyota 4Runner was given to Hernandez to drive by Fox Toyota in East Providence Rhode Island. In exchange for driving the car, Hernandez appeared at autograph signings and other events at the Toyota dealership.
Hernandez was found not guilty of the double murder, only five days before he took his own life in his prison cell at age 27. Although the jury claimed the prosecution failed to prove that Hernandez was the shooter, evidence presented at trial proved the fatal shots came from the Toyota 4Runner.

The car was found in 2013 in the garage of Hernandez’s uncle. Also found in the home at the time was Carlos Ortiz one of the men in the car with Aaron on the night of the July 2012 drive by shooting outside of Cure Nightclub in Boston. The shooting took the lives of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Abrew accidentally spilled a drink on Hernandez earlier on the night of the shooting inside the Cure nightclub which supposedly was the motive for the shooting.


The Toyota had been in the Boston Impound yard until last week, when it was released to the registered owner. Now it’s on Ebay the starting bid was $100 on April 30th, it’s now at $101,305,00. The winner of the auction will also receive a Patriots football jersey signed by Hernandez. The car runs great according to the description and has only 53 thousand miles on it. There is still some black soot on the map lights and sunroof switch where the Boston Police had dusted for fingerprints. This car is being touted as an “infamous piece of famous football memorabilia” The auction ends on May 7th, and someone named “Buddy” is handling all the inquires.

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