Abby Lee Miller Quits ‘Dance Moms’ Amid Legal Troubles

Dancing queen Abby Lee Miller has been a part of the reality show ‘Dance Moms’ for pint sized aspiring dancers since the start. Miller, 50, has been with the Lifetime show since it’s inception in 2011. Miller abruptly told her 3 million plus followers on instagram that she was quitting the show. Miller is claiming she’s leaving the show because the producers don’t appreciate her. She also claims she gets no credit for all of her original ideas and work that is featured on the show. Lee is claiming that she has no problems teaching the children, but she feels she doesn’t get the respect she deserves. She also claims producers of the show “know nothing about dance, and haven’t even taken a dance lesson in their lives.”

Lifetime has not commented on Miller’s claims, it is unclear if Miller has just quit the show or quit being a dance teacher all together. Miller is shown as a very strict teacher on the show, with extremely harsh critiques of the dancers in her charge. She has defended herself by saying that’s the kind of treatment the girls will receive in the industry, they have to develop a thick skin. Since 2014 Miller has been plagued by legal and financial issues. In 2013 Miller was indicted on fraud charges, tax evasion, she was accused of setting up accounts to hide her assets from her reality show and other business ventures.

Miller has also been indicted on various bankruptcy fraud charges. She struck a deal with the government on several IRS related charges. She was supposed to be sentenced in January of 2017, how ever the sentencing date was changed to May 8, 2017. If convicted of her outstanding charges she could five years in a federal penitentiary.

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