Actor Jack Wagner Speaks Out About Ex-Fiance Heather Locklear’s Ongoing Psychiatric Issues

Singer and former ‘General Hospital’ heartthrob talked about his ex-fiance Heather Locklear in a new interview. Wagner told ‘Extra’ “Listen we all have our struggles and our issues. There’s no one that can say they don’t.” Locklear is still hospitalized after what has been described as ‘as a psychiatric meltdown’ on Sunday at her Ventura County, CA mansion. Locklear was searching her home for a gun so she could shoot herself, according to the official police reports. Her parents, Diane and William Locklear were present in the home and reportedly physically assaulted by their daughter.

A family member called 911 to report Locklear, they reported that Locklear had been hospitalized 10 times in the last three years for drug, alcohol and mental heath issues. Locklear and Wagner who both co-starred on ‘Melrose Place’ in the 90’s were a couple from 2007 until they ended their engagement in 2011. Wagner said, “So Heather is in my prayers. I love her and her family and I just hope that she can really dig in and turn her life around. I love her to death and I pray for the best for her and her family.”

Locklear’s only child daughter Ava Sombora,20, with ex husband musician Richie Sombora was also in the home on Sunday. A friend close to Heather’s said that Ava has been trying to convince her mother to get help for the last few years. Friends and family are frustrated because Locklear will be clean and sober for a while, ‘then starts drinking again and self medicating, and relapses. Locklear was taken to the hospital on a ‘5150’ involuntary 72 hour psychiatric hold. The law states a person can be held against their will for 3 days to be evaluated. Locklear remains hospitalized passed the three day period. Four months ago the actress was arrested after her boyfriend Chris Heisser called 911.