Actress Cynthia Nixon Reveals Her Old Child Is Transgender

‘Sex and The City’ actress and candidate for governor of New York, revealed that her oldest child ‘Seph’ is transgender. During June cities all over America is know as ‘gay pride month’. There are various celebrations that pay tribute to the communities LGBT citizens, and they impact they have. Nixon said she wanted to pay tribute to her son during the month of June. Nixon is now openly gay, she was married to New York City school teacher Danny Mozes from 1988 to 2003. The former couple had two children, Samuel Mozes and Charles Mozes.

Samuel who now prefers to be known as Septh,21, just graduated from college. Nixon announced via social media, “I’m so proud of my son Samuel Joseph Mozes, (called Seph) who graduated from college this month. I salute him and everyone else marking today’s ‘Trans Day of Action.” Seph who graduated from the University of Chicago, was born a girl and named Samantha Mozes. The liberal arts major is in the process of going through a complete gender reassignment surgery from female to male. Nixon is currently married to her wife, Christine Marinoni, an education professional. The couple have a son Max,7, The couple have been married since 2012.

Nixon confirmed in March, that she was running for the office of Governor of New York. She is up against sitting Governor Andrew Cuomo, a democrat. Nixon’s show ‘Sex and The City’, was considered by many to be a ground breaking show. Nixon had issues with the term, saying, “when a show is groundbreaking it doesn’t really create something new. It reflects something already happening in the population, but the culture hasn’t caught up with it.” Nixon said, “If people who opposed equality, realized how many people they already know and love are actually in the LGBT community, the fight for equality would be over. It’s important to come out to our parents, co-workers, children, boss, you name it.”