Actress Kristin Stewart Opens Up About Coming Out As Gay “It seemed important”

Although rumors have been swirling around since ‘Twilight’ actress Kristin Stewart stepped into the spotlight, she has officially come out as being gay. Stewart, 26, was in a high profile public relationship with her ‘Twilight’ costar Robert Pattinson. Many industry insiders for several years have said that Stewart, Pattinson and ‘Twilight’ costar Taylor Lautner are all gay. Sources claim that Stewart and Pattinson were engaged in a for show only relationship to keep the movie franchise in the spotlight all the time. It also was a way of ‘keeping everyone straight and proper’ to appeal to the mostly young female fan base.

Stewart talked to the ‘London Sunday Times’ about her coming out as gay, and her four plus years with Pattinson. Stewart claims she wasn’t trying to hide anything, but merely she was very confused at the time, and always felt the need to hide who she was. She went on to say, being the focus of so much media attention at such a young age was very stressful and awkward. Stewart says she had to first come to terms with being a celebrity then with being gay, and living life as her true self.

Stewart told the Times, that she felt a certain responsibility to her fans “to do good, and spread a positive word about acceptance.” The actress only publicly came out as gay in July of 2016 after several news stories surfaced with her and then girlfriend, Alicia Cargile.  Stewart said her personal life is under such scrutiny she “felt the need to talk about it because it’s something that needs help and is relevant.” She said she would have been perfectly fine keeping her private life private forever. But now the time seemed right and topical.

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