Actress Lindsay Lohan Resurfaces With New Business Venture

After almost a decade of non-stop headlines, perpetual bad girl Lindsay Lohan has managed to keep herself out of the headlines the last couple of years. Lohan who will be 32 on July 2, has resurfaced by launching a new website, that visitors will have to pay $2.99 monthly to gain access to. The website is going to be a lifestyle website, that gives paid visitors a glimpse into “Lohan’s exclusive world.” Perhaps Lohan has been taking notes from the Kardashian clan, as several of them have paid apps and websites.

Lohan hasn’t been doing much creative work lately. She has shot a few episodes of a new British comedy TV show, ‘Sick Notes’. The show was supposed to start airing in April 2017 on British TV but has not yet started airing. The last acting job in the US Lohan had was a small appearance on ‘2 Broke Girls’ in 2014. The actress has mostly been living abroad in England the last several years, and has managed to stay out of the headlines, and has not created any new legal issues for herself. The website promises to offer daily updates on any new acting projects, secrets “before anyone else”.

Lohan thanked her fans for their support, and told them the website “Preemium’ is a must have for “all of my super fans.” Prior to the launch of the website the former child actress, was shopping her own reality show, ‘The Anti Social Network’, without any success as there were no serious takers. Lohan’s last notable movie role was ‘Liz & Dick’ for Lifetme in 2012 about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Lohan played Taylor and the reviews for the movie and her performance were dismal. Lohan recently said she has no plans to return to the US and will continue to make the U.K. her home.

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