Actress Megan Markle Makes First Public Comment On Her Royal Boyfriend

American actress Megan Markle has finally commented on her romance with Prince Harry. After 15 months of solid rumors and innuendo, Markle has confirmed her relationship to the redheaded prince. Markle and Prince William’s younger brother were introduced by mutual friends in June 2015, and have been a couple ever since. Markle,36, says “We’re two people who are really happy and in love.” Markle refers to Prince Harry as “my boyfriend” throughout the interview. The Los Angeles native, says some days are extremely challenging, and ‘other days not as bad.’

Markle is referring to the constant media attention the royal family generates. Markel has been starring in the USA legal drama ‘Suits’ since 2011. The show films in New York City and Toronto, Canada. Prince Harry has visited Markle on both sets several times. The Northwestern University graduate says that she has the support of her family and friends and most importantly ‘her boyfriend’. Markle says she and Prince Harry, were dating very quietly for six months, before it made the news cycle. Harry who will turn 33 on August 15th, has kept very quiet on his relationship with Markle.

Insiders are wondering if Markle got the palace okay before commenting publicly on her romance with Harry. It’s a subject that is quite frowned upon in royal circles, commenting on private affairs publicly. Makle says it doesn’t matter who she dates, she’s not defined by a relationship, she’s the same person no matter who she’s involved with. Makle said “we’re a couple, this is our time.” She made it clear that she doesn’t feel the need to present herself as part of a couple, perhaps in the future, but not now. Palace insiders claim, Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth approves of the romance between Markle and Harry.

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