Actress Sophie Turner Says High Profile Romance With Joe Jonas Is Difficult

Sophie Turner,21, star of ‘Games Of Thrones’ has been dating singer Joe Jonas,27, since last year. The actress recently opened up to the magazine ‘Marie Claire’. She said it’s very difficult dating in the glare of flash bulbs. She said another couple could be something very average like going to store or eating at a restaurant, but when she and Jones does it, it’s front page news. She said having a relationship with Jonas is “like living in fishbowl.” Turner said their relationship faces unique challenges, but they are very happy, so they are managing the hurdles as they move forward.

The relationship seems to be turning more serious, as Jonas went to London earlier this year to meet Tuner’s parents. For her part, Turner spent Thanksgiving with the Jonas clan skiing in Mammoth Mountain, California. She said she understands that being part of a entertainment power couple, comes with a certain loss of privacy. However Turner says that some fans can be extremely rude and insensitive. She said she can be with Jonas and some fans take pictures of them without asking, and the actress feels that is crossing the line.

The British born actress says if fans would ask for a picture she would gladly take it. But the secret behind the back methods some use is “extremely rude.” Jonas and Turner share a home and animals together in Los Angeles. Turner says she has a lot of friends that were brought up in the U.K., that are now living in L.A working in the entertainment business. She said it’s those friends that keep her grounded and make her feel more normal, and don’t treat her as a “superstar.” She says, “I’m just a normal British girl, with a boyfriend, we do all the things other couple do, it’s kind of boring actually.”

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