Actress Taraji Henson Is Engaged To Former NFL Player Kelvin Hayden

‘Empire’ actress Taraji Henson announced via her social media that she is engaged to her boyfriend of over two years, Kelvin Hayden. The relationship has bee plagued with cheating rumors since the couple made their relationship public. Henson who stared in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Hidden Figures’ has a 24 year old son Marcel with high school sweetheart, William Johnson. The couple never married and Johnson was murdered in 2003. Henson said on ‘Instagram’ that she is now off the market after saying yes to Hayden. He was once a NFL corner-back, he last played in 2014 for the Chicago Bears.

Henson opened up about her relationship with her much younger boyfriend in December of 2017. She said, “It was all over the internet. You know I’m not the type of person to blast my personal business. But you know, I think it’s important for people to know I’m happy. I’m very happy I just am. We have been together for two years. No one would really know that because I don’t blast my personal business, but I’m very happy.” Henson is 47 and Hayden is 33, friends are quietly hoping that the relationship remains solid, but have voiced concern.

Henson also said, “I don’t really put a lot on what I do, because you know people love you when you’re in the limelight. But what happens when the lights go off? So, those people care about me no matter what, and those are the people that I keep close to me. So, I never buy into the hype. They love you when you’re hot and they love you when you’re not, you know? So I never buy into that fake love. I got so much real love around me, that I’m not confused.” Henson worked for a short time at the Pentagon before pursuing an acting career. In 2016 ‘Time Magazine’ declared she was among 100 most influential people in the world.

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