Adam Brody Accused Of Being A Slum Landlord

Actor Adam Brody who starred in ‘The OC’ is being accused of being a slum landlord. Brody has a long list of movies he’s appeared in, including ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ with Brad Pitt. Now he comes under fire for being a not so nice person. He owns a luxury condo in a fashionable area of Los Angeles, at one time Brody lived in it himself. Brody married actress Leighton Meester in 2014. The couple have a 3 year old daughter Arlo, and live in a nearby home.

The actor’s tenant said Brody has refused to fix the broken AC in the sweltering heat of LA. The tenant claims he asked Brody several times to fix it, and was promised it would be fixed, but it’s still broken. A neighbor of the tenant also claims that Brody is kicking out the tenant soon as her lease expires. The reason he wants her out, is so he can do the repairs and rent the unit for twice as much as he’s getting now. The tenant took their complaints to ‘Radaronline’ hoping that public shaming Brody would get the repairs done. Another claim the teanut is making concerns the sink in the kitchen.

The tenant claims the pipe in the sink leaks constantly creating mold, the tenant claims Brody repairs it with tape instead of having a plumber fix it. Brody purchased the condo in 2002 for $355.000, there is currently a housing shortage in Southern California, the property could sell for the three times the amount of the purchase price. The tenant says that Brody deliberately doesn’t fix anything so she will move out. She claims Brody wants to get in and make minor repairs so he can sell the condo for a huge profit. A rep for Brody initially refused to comment, but later said the matter is in the hands of Brody’s legal team, and will be handled privately.

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