Alec Baldwin Named As New Host Of ‘The Essentials’ On The ‘Turner Classic Movie Channel’

Alec Baldwin just keeps getting more busy, he’s just been named as the new host of the long running show ‘The Essentials’ on the Turner Classic Movie Channel. Baldwin will replace Robert Osborne who died earlier this year. Osborne hosted the show since it came on the air in 1994, he died at 84, on March 6, 2017. Baldwin will start hosting when the show starts it’s new season on May 6. Baldwin’s former ’30 Rock’ costar Tiny Fey will be a guest on the first show.

Baldwin will continue with the show’s format, in discussing a hand picked classic movie, and describing how the film influenced American of foreign cinema. Some of the titles Baldwin and his guests will be discussing this season are, ‘East of Eden’, ‘Rear Window’, ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ and ‘The Manchurian Candidate’. Baldwin said in a statement, “I have some big shoes to fill hosting ‘The Essentials’. I plan on doing Bob proud with this new season of ‘The Essentials.

Baldwin has done some interviews on the Turner Classic Movie Channel in the past, one was done with Robert Osborne in 2015. The president of ‘TCM’ Charlie Tabesh’ said in a statement that, Baldwin had already become part of the TCM family, so it was a natural progression to name his as the new host. Baldwin has been very busy playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live on NBC. He started portraying Trump during the 2016 presidential debates, and has continued ever since. He replaced Daryl Hammond who had portrayed Trump on SNL since the 90’s. Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump has been a ratings bonanza for SNL, and it earned him a ‘Critics Choice Award’ for his portrayal of Trump.

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