Alex Rodriguez Doing Battle With Ex Wife Over His Request To Reduce Child Support

Former Yankee baseball great Alex Rodriguez filed a request with the court to reduce his monthly child support payments to his ex wife. A-Rod claims that he’s been paying his ex Cynthia Scurtis 115 grand a month since their divorce in 2008. According to the legal papers A-Rod claims that amount was a temporary amount until he retired from playing baseball. He says his income is drastically reduced from 30 million a year to 3 million a year. The former couple have two daughters, Natasha,13, and Ella,10.

A-Rod is also claiming that his ex wife is now a rich woman, with millions of dollars in the bank, and three homes and multiple luxury cars. Another issue that seems to be rattling A-Rod is that his ex is a very educated woman, with a masters degree in psychology and elects not to work, but sit back and get outrageous child support from him. Rodriguez brought up another issue in his legal filing, he claims that Cynthia has a new baby and a finance, and he is supporting all of them. He said the actual support for his daughters is no more than 17 thousand a month. He’s willing to pay 20 K a month plus their tuition.

The dueling ex’s are at a standstill, Scurtis is demanding at least 50 K a month plus other expenses. A-Rod’s lawyers are saying he doesn’t bring in enough income now to pay that. The couple were married in 2002, Cynthia filed for divorce only five years later claiming that A-Rod was never around and continuously had extra marital affairs. Their divorce was finalized in 2008. In February 2017 started dating Jennifer Lopez, after a string of high profile relationships. Scurtis also claims that A-Rod is photographed all over the world taking luxurious vacations, but yet he claims he’s having trouble supporting his children. The dueling parties are due back in court November 19th.

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