Betty White Still Going Strong On 97th Birthday

‘Golden Girl’ Betty White was out and about on her 97th birthday on Thursday. The actress was out running errands, although looking a little frail, the animal lover was walking and smiling. White was out in Beverly Hills, and holding the arm of her long time limo driver, she smiled to the photographers who were on the street. White was born on January 17th, 1922, she is still going strong, and one an actress that has had a celebrated career for more than seven decades. Friends of the actress say her secret to a long life is ‘martinis and hot dogs.’

White played the man hungry Sue Ann Nivens on the ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’, and played the naive Rose on the ‘Golden Girls’. White recently sat down with Al Roker on the ‘Today Show’ to discuss her secret to living a long happy life. Roker asked White if she was more like Sue Ann or Rose. White said jokingly, “I would like to think I’m more like Sue Ann, she has much more fun than Rose.” Betty hosted the ‘Saturday Night Live’ nine years ago at 88, making her the oldest host of the show. In 2015 she finished a six year run on ‘Hot In Cleveland’.

White told Roker, ‘I have never taken my long career for granted, not even for a second, I know how lucky I am.’ Betty White regularly appeared on the game show ‘Password’ in the 1950’s. In 1963 Betty married the host of ‘Password’ Allan Luden. He was Betty’s third husband, they remained married until his death from stomach cancer in 1981. She called Luden, ‘the great love of her life, and said she would never marry again, “because when you have had the best, who needs the rest.” She said “it’s important to always be thankful, there is so much to be thankful for. Also stay positive and be kind.”