Bill Cosby Transferred To Maximum Security Prison in Pennsylvania

After a 38 month odyssey, disgraced actor and comedian Bill Cosby was transferred from a county jail to his new home. Cosby was sentenced Tuesday to 3 to 10 years for drugging and raping a former Temple University basketball coach Andrea Constand in 2004. The Canadian citizen traveled to Pennsylvania to be in court and listen to the sentence being handed down. There were eight Cosby accusers sitting in the courtroom. When court was adjourned they all hugged and held hands in the hallway of the courthouse.

Cosby is now officially inmate number NN7687, Tuesday night he was moved from the county jail to Pennsylvania State Correctional Institute in Schwenksville, Pa. This prison has the highest security in the state, and houses the most violent offenders. Cosby will be in a segregated unit and take all his meals in his single cell. He will also be escorted by guards to take a shower twice a week. His cell is close to the prison infirmary, due to his age and reported medical issues. A prison officially said that all ‘precautions are being taken to ensure Cosby’s safety will incarcerated.’ The official said the ultimate goal is to move Cosby into general population.

He will be allowed to receive approved visitors and have daily phone calls on a pay phone. Cosby already reportedly called his wife Camille Cosby, begging her ‘to do whatever she had to do to get him out.’ He reportedly told her, “grab the checkbook, and pay whatever you have to pay to get me out of here.” If Cosby serves his entire 10 year sentence he will be 91 when he is released, most experts don’t expect him to serve the full ten years. However he was deemed a violent sexual offender by the judge that sentenced him. That classification could hamper any hopes of an early release for Cosby. Cosby lawyers filed an immediate appeal after the sentence hearing.

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