Bob Costas Announces His Exit From ‘NBC’ After 40 Years

One of ‘NBC’ longest term employees announced on Tuesday, ‘that he was done with NBC.’ He told the ‘New York Post’ that it was all settled very quietly without a lot of fanfare. Costas, joined the network when he was 26 as a paid intern, and very quickly rose the ranks. He covered 11 Olympic games from 1992 and 2016, Costas is not going to ‘completely retire.’ He revealed that he will be with the ‘MLB Network’, he will be participating in the hall of fame inductee ceremony this month. He’s signed on to call at least 20 games right now.

Costas currently has a contract with ‘NBC’ that runs until 2021. He said if does anything else, “It will be a hybrid of my HBO show, ‘On the record with Bob Costas’. There were rumors circulating this past summer that Costas wanted out of his contract early. He said, “sometimes there comes a time when it’s just not a fit anymore.” Costas was one of the most recognizable faces in sports news in the world. In addition to covering the Olympics for NBC, he’s also covered several Super Bowls, NBA Finals, World Series and Triple Crown races.

Costas has also been a very controversial figure at times for the network. He publicly supported NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling campaign, and talked openly about concussions suffered during games and the aftermath. Costas has been married twice, and and has two children with his first wife. Costas famously joked with the Minnesota Twins player Kirby Pucket, that if he was batting over .350 by the time his child was born he would name him Kirby. The baseball player was hitting over .350 when Costas’ first son Keith was born in 1986. Pucket reminded Bob about the promise and Keith’s name was legally changed to ‘Kieth Michael Kirby Costas. Bob and his second wife, Jill Sutton live in New York City.