Brad Pitt Breaks His Silence On His Pending Divorce From Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt,53, takes responsibility for the end of his 2 year marriage to actress Angelina Jolie,41. The couple were together for 12 years, and have 3 biological children and 3 adopted children together. Pitt in his first interview since Jolie filed for divorce in September blames himself for the break up. He spoke exclusively to ‘GQ Magazine’ for the summer edition which features Pitt on the cover. Pitt said “I’m personally very retarded when it comes to taking inventory of my emotions. I’m much better at covering it up. I grew up with a Father-Knows-Best/war mentality. The father is all powerful, super strong. Instead of really knowing the man and his own self doubt and his struggles.”

Pitt said he’s putting his 6 children first, and he’s learning to deal with his emotions in a productive way. The actor admits that his parenting skills have been lacking, and he could have been a much better father. Pitt also says that part of the issues involved in the end of his marriage was his drinking became a huge problem. He said it’s been six months since the split, and he’s engaged in a much healthier lifestyle now.

He said “truthfully I could have drank a Russian under a table with his own vodka, I was a real professional.” Pitt says he was able to quit drinking cold turkey, because he decided that he just couldn’t live that way anymore. An incident on the couple’s private plane in September caused Los Angeles Children’s Services to open an investigation for possible child abuse. Pitt was formally cleared of any charges in November, the agency said there were no findings of abuse. The couple are working on the terms of their final divorce with a private mediator. Pitt also said the divorce will be final and both of them have moved on, with no chance for a reconciliation.

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