Britney Spear’s Ex Husband Is Demanding Millions More Of Child Support

The legal drama continues for singer Britney Spears, who is still doing battle with her ex husband Kevin Federline. A lawyer for Federline has petitioned the court to try to get child support payments that would equal more than three times the amount of support that Spears currently pays him. The celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan said that Brittney has had a reasonable amount of time to address Federline’s support modification request. Kaplan added, “A Spear lawyer came back with conditions for the modifications that are not reasonable.”

Spears and the father of six, were married for only three years from 2004 to 2007. They have two sons together, Sean,12 and Jayden,11. Federline’s lawyer said, “It’s their position that they don’t have to turn over Britney’s financial information, including her tax returns.” Those disclosures are required under California law. The lawyer said everyone has to comply with that law, ‘celebrities and everyone. In the legal documents that Federline filed, he claims he makes 3000 a month as a DJ. That amount Federline says, is less than 1 percent of Spear’s income.

Federline is currently married to Victoria Prince, and has two children with her. He also has two children with ex girlfriend Shar Jackson. Kaplan revealed that the ex couple have a hearing set in June for financial records to be disclosed to the court. If at the date of the hearing Spears does not turn over the financial records, she will be held in contempt of court. Kaplan is asking for at least three times the amount of child support he’s receiving. Kaplan claims that Federline has offered to settle this matter of court, but Spears is not willing to negotiate a reasonable raise to the exciting child support. Federline currently receives 20 K a month per child, he is also demanding all of his legal fees be paid by Spears.

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