Brittney Spears Checks Herself Into Psychiatric Faculty

Singer Brittney Spears has checked herself into a Psychiatric hospital in wake of her father’s failing health. According to a report, the singer and mother of two sons, has been in the facility since last week. Spears told fans she is going to take a ‘little me time.” Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari are still together and communicating as she receives treatment. Spears canceled her Vegas shows due to her father Jamie Spears’ health issues. Spears nearly died last year after he suffered a ruptured colon. That is when Brittney canceled her shows.

She told fans she had to take care of her father, his health according to sources continues to spiral. Friends of the singer believe her father’s failing health has taken a huge toll on the singer. Spears has also taken a break from social media, becoming radio silent for the last three months. As the singer receives treatment her ex-husband Kevin Federline, has stepped up to the plate. He has primary custody of the ex couples two sons, Sean,13, and Jayden,12. Brittney had a very public mental melt down in 2007, as the ex couple were going through a divorce.

Federline was awarded full custody of the children after her meltdown, and her father Jamie was named her conservator. He handles all of her affairs, and controls her fortune. Spears and Federline have had more of a 50/50 type of custody arrangement, as Brittney’s mental health improved. She pays him in excess of $20,000 a month, and pays for their tuition and medical insurance. Federline now has the children full time, while Brittney is in the hospital. The ex back up dancer, is planning on taking Spears back to court to get more child support from her after her latest hospitalization. Federline has a total of 6 children, 1 with former fiance Shar Jackson, and three with his current wife, Victoria Prince.