Broadway Star Ruthie Ann Miles Loses Baby 2 Months After 4 Year Old Daughter Killed

Sad news today from the theater world that is leaving many fans and colleagues stunned. Actress Ruthie Ann Miles suffered a miscarriage, with a baby that was due this month. Miles won a ‘Tony Award’ for her performance in the Broadway production of ‘The King and I’ in 2015. In March Miles was walking with her four year old daughter Abigail in New York City. Miles was walking with a friend and the friend’s young son. Both children were killed when they were hit by a car. Miles herself was 7 months pregnant at the time, and was injured.

On Friday Ben Rubinowitz, an attorney for the family released a statement. The lawyer said, “This Friday Ruthie and Johnathan lost their baby Sophia Rosemary Wong Blumenstein. The pain suffered by Ruthie and Johnathan is almost impossible to fathom.” At the time of the accident a ‘GOFUNDME’ page was set up by concerned friends, who said that Miles was in critical condition after the accident. A friend told ‘People Magazine’ that only days before the accident, Abigail was really looking forward to being a big sister, ‘she was so excited.’

Of Abigail the friend said, “She was the brightest little spirit, every time you were around her, your heart couldn’t help but shine. She had the sweetest laugh and a lovely personality. She was very much like her mother. Ruthie was a wonderful mother, she always put Abigail first, and was dedicated to spending a lot of time with her, regardless of her work commitments. The two had a very tight bond, they were inseparable.” The driver of the car that killed the two children was Dorothy Burns a 44 year old from Staten Island, NY. She was charged with two counts of vehicle homicide earlier this month. Burns said she had a seizure, the prosecution said Burns was legally drunk.

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