Bronco Used In Infamous O.J. Simpson ‘Slow Speed Chase’ To Be On Reality Show

The white Ford Bronco O.J. Simpson was riding in 23 years ago, will be featured on ‘Pawn Stars’ on the History Channel. The Bronco at the time, was owned by Simpson’s best friend A.C. Cowlings. The former NFL player was driving the car as the LAPD followed closely behind. Millions of people watched the chase live in the middle of basketball playoffs. At the time of the chase, both Simpson and Cowlings owned white Ford Broncos. Cowlings eventually sold the Bronco to Simpson’s sports agent Mike Gilbert.

In the 23 years since the chase the ownership of the Bronco has changed hands several times. It spent some time being featured outside of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The car will be sold once again by Gilbert and another owner on the hit reality show ‘Pawn Stars’ which showcases sales of various items at a pawn shop. Rick Harrison who owns ‘World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop’, says featuring the sale of the Bronco will boost the show and the pawn shop. Harrison says he never glorifies gangsters or murderers on the show, and he thinks OJ is guilty of murder, but he says “The Bronco is part of history.”

The timing of the sale of the Bronco comes at the same time that Simpson was granted parole after serving over 9 years in a Nevada prison for armed robbery. Harrison says he’s been offered OJ items in the past and told people to go elsewhere. He didn’t want OJ items in his store, he says this will be the most conflicted episode he’s ever done, but he said the public interest is obviously  there. The episode ‘If The Pawn Don’t Fit’, will air August 14, on the History Channel.

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