Casey Anthony In Talks For A New Reality Show Says Source

A source with information about the notorious ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony are saying that she is peddling a reality show. Anthony now 32 was famously acquitted of the murder of her 3 year old daughter Caylee Anthony in 2011. Her trial lasted 6 weeks in Orlando, Florida, with spectators lining up hours in advance to get tickets to witness the court room spectacle. Anthony has remained relatively quiet since being found not guilty. She reportedly lives with a private investigator that was part of her legal team.

A source told the ‘Daily Mail’ that Anthony has secret social media accounts for her supporters, and it was there that she discussed her plans. The name of the show, ‘Casey Going Forward’ will document her journey as she has tried to rebuild her life after being labeled ‘The most hated woman in America.’
Anthony believes her show can be a huge hit, she feels if the Kardashians can still maintain a billion dollar empire with all the hate thrown at them, she can too. An entertainment executive confirmed that Anthony was in New York on December 5th to discuss her show.

Anthony’s estranged parents Cindy and George Anthony appeared on Dr. Oz last month to talk about their notorious daughter. George confirmed that Casey is now in a serious relationship with a new man. That man is Florida bartender Antony Kauagiannism, who has a criminal record. The couple have been seen out together several times in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Anthony claims it was the producers of reality TV that reach out to famed private investigator Pat McKenna to pitch the show idea to Casey. McKenna also worked on the criminal trial of O.J. Simpson. Anthony has lived in the McKenna house since being acquitted in 2011. Anthony has told friends she has until February 2019 to make a decision as to whether she will move forward with the show.

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