Catelynn Baltierra Of ‘MTV’s Teen Mom OG’ Heads To Treatment After Multiple Suicide Attempts

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra of the highly followed docudrama ‘Teen Mom OG’ on MTV is facing her demons. The 25 year old mother of Nova, told her fans that she has tried ‘everything she can think of to kill herself.’ In a statement to ‘US Magazine’ Baltierra said “I’m taking the time I need to take care of myself. On November 17th I thought of every possible way to commit suicide, from wrapping a belt around my neck to just running my car into an electrical pole.”

Catelynn of MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ and now ‘Teen Mom OG’, the OG standing for original girls, has suffered with depression and anxiety for several years and it’s been documented on the hit TV show. Baltierra wed her high school sweetheart Tyler Baltierra. 25, on August 22, 2015 after being together for 10 years. The couple had a baby when they both 16, a daughter named Carly that they would relinquish for adoption in 2009. Their entire journey from finding out they were pregnant to dealing with an open adoption, getting married and having a daughter has all been featured on the show since 2009.

The Michigan native said in her statement,”Thank god I have a support system, and a husband and a daughter. Thank god I am self aware, I’m seeking treatment and I will get better. Anyone feeling alone, you are not alone. This world needs all of us, we are all here for a reason. Thank you for your support during this rough time. Much Love, Catelynn Baltierra.” Catelynn’s husband Tyler spoke immediately after his wife issued her statement. He said” Incredibly proud of my wife, when she thought she had no choices left, she reached out and decided to live today. My life would be desolate without her, You are beautiful, strong, worthy and loved.”

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