Charlie Sheen Goes From 1.8 million An Episode To Appearing At Signing Events For 25 K

Charlie Sheen is reportedly flat broke and is now just trying to survive. Once the highest paid actor in TV history, earning 1.8 million per episode of ‘Two And A Half Men’ to being basically shunned. Sheen,51 was signing autographs for $60 a piece at ‘Wizard World Comic Con’ in Minneapolis this weekend. Sheen was sitting at a table with other B actors like Lou Ferrigno, Dean Cain from Superman and Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek.

Sheen has some very strict rules that came along with his appearance at the event. He did not allow any pictures to be taken of him, so no ‘selfies’.  Gone are the days of private planes and five star hotels, he was given a single room and a round trip economy plane ticket for the event. Sheen has been in a steady decline for several years. He was fired from his hit TV show ‘Two and Half men’ in 2011. His bouts with alcohol, drugs, porn actresses and escorts are legendary. He publicly admitted that he had HIV in 2015, he said he spent millions of dollars to keep his medical condition a secret.

Sheen receives approximately 25 thousand dollars per appearance at these 2 hour Comic Con events. He gets $60 per autograph, while Gene Simmons of KISS gets $120. Also at these events, some pieces of TV nostalgia appear with Sheen and the other ‘stars’ like the ‘Bat Mobile and Fred Flintstone’s car. After being fired from ‘Two And A Half Men’ Sheen stared in ‘Anger Management’ on FX in 2012 which ran for 2 years before being canceled. Sheen has been unable to sustain any hefty roles since his last show, and has huge child support he still has to pay for his 2 daughters with Denise Richards, and 2 twin sons with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

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