Chris Brown Being Investigated In France After Woman Says He Raped Her

Rapper Chris Brown who is no stranger to legal problems, is now facing another legal issues. A 24 year old woman has come forward to say that the rapper has raped her. The woman told French police that the assault took place at Brown’s hotel room, between January 15 and 16, after she met Brown at a club called, ‘Le Crystal’. The club is located just a few yards from the ‘Les Champs-Elysees.’ According to the police report, the woman who has not been named, said that she followed Brown to his hotel room at the ‘Le Mandarin Oriental’, where she says Brown raped her.

The Paris police known as ‘Parquett’ opened a formal investigation this week. Brown was embroiled in a domestic violence scandal after he beat his girlfriend singer Rihanna. The pictures of the battered singer were released and were horrific. Brown was arrested in 2009 and pleaded guilty to assaulting her. He faced no jail time in that incident, but was placed on probation and faced hefty fines. He was accused last year of punching model Liziane Guiterrez in the face at a club in Las Vegas.

Although the model accused him of the assault he was never charged with a crime in that incident. In a documentary about the rapper’s life ‘Welcome To My World’ Brown talked about his relationship with Rihanna. He blamed the incident on his young age, he was 19 when the incident occurred. He also said the attention to the former couple got was part of the problem he had with the singer. He said he couldn’t go anywhere with her without having hundreds of photographers at every place they went to. Brown said, “we were the perfect good bad relationship, it was designed to fail.” Brown claims that when he admitted to infidelity, is when ‘the relationship started to go down hill fast.”