CNN Anchor Don Lemon Facing Some Backlash Over Commentary Regarding Torture Video Out Of Chicago

Don Lemon, 50, surprised some viewers on Thursday when he reacted to a horrific criminal case coming out of Chicago. The video depicts four African American young adults taunting and torturing an 18 year white male. The man said to be mentally handicapped can be seen in the disturbing video being yelled at and, punched, hit, and tortured. The tormentors also can be seen cutting the man’s scalp. The incident was live streamed on Facebook as it was happening. The perpetrators can be heard laughing and saying derogatory remarks about President Elect Trump, and other racially charged remarks.

During Lemon’s show on CNN he said he didn’t think these people are evil, he said they were the result of ‘bad training’, Lemon asked out loud where the parents are. Lemon went on to say that no one he knows would treat someone else that way. Other commentators on the program said it’s not a hate crime but more an issue of hatred for Trump. It didn’t take long for Lemon to get blasted from all corners about his remarks.

Many viewers and commentators on social media lambasted Lemon for his lack of empathy for the victim, and his failure to call the act evil. Some even suggesting that if the races were reversed, Lemon would have shown more outrage for the case. Lemon has come under fire several other times in the last few years for vagarious remarks he has made on CNN. Notably among the several controversies have been his coverage of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Lemon was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He had worked for NBC Nightly News, Weekend News, and MSNBC. Lemon joined CNN in September 2006.

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