David Spade Breaks His Silence On The Suicide Of Sister In Law Designer Kate Spade

In a new interview, comedian and actor David Spade is publicly talking about his late sister in law Kate Spade for the first time. The highly regarded fashion designer Kate Spake died by hanging in her New York City condo on June 5th. She was 55 and left behind David’s brother Andy Spade and the couple’s 13 year old daughter Francis. David and Kate were very close, and often attended fashion events together in New York and abroad. Spade is doing press for his new movie and book and appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ on Wednesday morning.

Spade has made no public comments about Kate’s passing prior to the interview on Wednesday. Robin Roberts said “I hope that you felt the outpouring and support for your dear sister in law Kate Spade. I know it’s been a very difficult time for your family. You have done a very generous thing in making a big contribution to mental health advocacy group, how’s the family doing?” Spade said, “ As good as we can, it’s been very tough obviously and it is very sweet that everyone came out of the woodwork, that she really made an impact.”


He said “I remember we used to hang out, it’s funny cause every girl I was ever with or was around. Anyone that knew that they would see Katie would dress differently, they would bring their A game. The were very sweet about it, they would see is Katie coming, or will we see Kate. If they were going to see her, they had a whole new wardrobe. Katie was very sweet, she would always acknowledge people going through all of that to see her. She was such a beautiful lovely great spirit, that she will be missed, and I’m going to start balling but thanks for asking.”Spade is starring in ‘Father of The Year’ on Netflix later this year.

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