‘E’ News Host Maria Menounos Diagnosed With Brain Tumor As Her Mother Battles Brain Cancer

Maria Menounous,39, left her position as a host at ‘E News’ to deal with a golf sized brain tumor. Her mother Litsa Menounous is currently battling stage 4 brain cancer. Maria said she felt that she may have had an ear infection in February. She felt dizzy and light headed, and couldn’t the teleprompter at her news desk. She also started getting severe headaches. She went to doctor and her doctor told her, she had perfect ears, and asked for more symptoms. Maria whose mother Litsa was already dealing with brain cancer, thought perhaps she had a brain tumor like her mother.

She was given an MRI and it revealed that she did indeed have a non cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball. She had it removed last month, and resigned from her position as co-host of ‘E News’ with Jason Kennedy, where she had been for three years.  Her prognosis is hopeful, but she still must be watched and tested regularly and is not 100 percent and is facing a long road of recovery.


Maria  appeared on the Today Show on Monday to talk about her medical journey. She said she thinks that what was important before doesn’t even matter now. A lot of little things that were huge prior really don’t matter that much now. She also said the diagnosis was a gift in many ways, because she was never really taking care of her self, she came last. She is leaning on her friends, family and fiance, Kevin Undergaro, who has been by her side non-stop. Maria in a statement said that the E Network “it was such a special good hearted group of people and one I’ll always consider family.”

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