‘Empire’ Ratings Dive As Jussie Smollett Scandal Continues

‘Empire’ on Fox has seen its lowest ratings since the show premiered in 2015. This week’s show netted a little over 3 million viewers, which is an all-time low for the show. Smollett held a press conference on Tuesday in Chicago. He said he was innocent of all charges, and ‘he was honest from day one.’ As the actor was proclaiming his innocence, the Mayor, Chief of Police and the prosecutor all said Smollett was guilty of filing a false police report, and orchestrating the ‘alleged’ January 29th attack on him.


Fox has not yet announced whether the show would be renewed for another season. The show’s creator, Lee Daniels, said the past few weeks have been a ‘freakin roller-coaster for the entire cast and crew.’ Smollett was written out of the last two shows of the current season. The cast and crew are reportedly are divided on the actor’s innocence. A source said half of the people, think the actor should be given a break, the others feel Smollett is guilty and should be fired. The City of Chicago is demanding that the actor pay back $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation.

A Smollett attorney, says that the actor ‘is innocent and he’s paid enough.’ On Tuesday the district attorney dropped all charges against Smollett, although they said the actor is guilty. The case continues to take strange turns as the actor’s lawyer Tina Glandian suggested that the Osundairo brothers ‘wore white face paint during the attack.’ President Trump weighed in on the controversial decision to drop the charges, by saying ‘the FBI and the Justice Department are investigating why the charges were dropped. A source close to Daniels said that Smollett will not be given a new contract for ‘Empire’ if the show is renewed.