Frances Cobain Slams The Kardashians In Rare Interview

The only child of the late ‘grunge’ rocker Kurt Cobain, gave a rare interview late Tuesday. Frances Cobain the 26 year old daughter of Cobain and his wife ‘Hole’ singer Courtney Love, had plenty to say. The visual artist, musician and model was a guest on RuPaul’s podcast, ‘What’s the Tee?’ Cobain said that her life and her music are about real issues, and ‘authenticity.’ She referred to the Kardashian clan as “America’s most plastic family.” Francis has been nominated for an Emmy for her visual art work, said she’s trying to create something ‘real and true.’

Cobain said, “That is what I’m trying to provide in the service of the world, since it’s very lacking.” She went on to explain, “Like in the age of Kardashian, and that’s fine they specifically fill a role for a reason. But everything is so saturated and filtered and conceived.” Cobain said her goal in her work is to make reality real, ‘not some contrived piece of nonsense.’ Cobain said that in her opinion people have a huge thirst for reality in artistic endeavors. She said, “they want to see people for who they really are, all the messy bits included.”

Cobain sometimes is referred to as ‘Fiddle Tim’, has had a lot of struggles in her young life. She publicly battled substance and alcohol, she said that she is now, ‘healthy, happy clean and sober.’ Cobain had a difficult childhood, at 2 weeks old she was removed from the custody of her parents. There were allegations that her mother Courtney Love used heroin while she was regnant. After a long court battle her parents regained custody of her. They hired several nannies to help care for her. Her father Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994, Frances was 2. She was raised by aunts, her mother and her paternal grandparents. Michael Stipe of ‘REM’ and actress Drew Barrymore are her godparents.