Friends Of ‘Jersey Shores’ Ronnie Ortiz Magro Are Fearful For His Safety

MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ is currently filming the second season of the show in Las Vegas. One of it’s stars Ronnie Ortiz Magro has been going through major personal issues while on location. His estranged girlfriend and mother of his baby girl Jen Harley was just released from Clark County county jail. She has a slew of charges she’s facing following a Sunday incident with Ronnie. She is accused of trying to cause bodily harm to the reality star with her car. The on again off again couple were leaving a barbecue on Sunday in Harley’s car.

As they were arguing Ronnie got in the car and didn’t close his seat beat all the way. Despite his screams the he wasn’t in his seat belt, Harley drove off anyway, dragging Ronnie along side the car. He suffered multiple injuries, and Harley was quickly arrested. A few days later Harley posted bail and was released from custody. Ronnie’s friends and Jersey Shore cast-mates are speaking out about their fear for Ronnie’s safety. The believe the latest incident raised to a whole new level, and Ronnie needs to stay away from Harley for good.

Ronnie’s family members have flown to Vegas from their home in New York to be by the new father’s side. They are urging him to severe all ties with Harley and retain a lawyer and fight for custody of his daughter. Ronnie’s family are extremely worried for the safety of the baby, they believe Harley is out of control and on a downward spiral. They believe that Harley is unfit to have a child in her custody. The couple have been on and off for most of their relationship, they broke up in April after an online feud came to light. Ronnie told friends that he has to have some contact with Harley due to the baby.

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