Heather Locklear Hospitalized For 2nd Time In 2 Weeks For Possible Drug Overdose

Actress Heather Locklear is continuing on a deadly spiral, after being hospitalized only 2 days after being released from an involuntary psychiatric hold. Locklear was arrested on Sunday after police were called to her Thousand Oaks, CA home. A caller reported that Locklear was intoxicated and out of country. She physically assaulted a deputy sheriff, and a paramedic. She was arrested and released 12 hours later. Police responded to Locklear’s home again late Monday evening to respond to a possible drug overdose. She is currently on a new 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold.

Sharon Osbourne, the wife of rocker Ozzie Osbourne addressed Locklear’s plight on her CBS talk show, ‘The Talk.’ Osbourne has known Locklear for more than 30 years, they met when Locklear was married to her first husband ‘Motley Crew’ drummer Tommy Lee. Osbourne said, “Dr. Phil go and help her please.” As the live audience snickered, Osbourne said she was being very serious, she continued, “I think Dr. Phil is the person that can help her. “Please go help her, she’s such a lovely woman, it’s so sad. He knows the best facilities that can help her.”


Osbourne revealed that when Locklear was married to her first husband Tommy Lee, his band ‘Motley Crew’ would tour with Osbourne on the music festival show ‘Oz Fest’. Mrs. O as she’s called said Locklear would often join her husband on the road and she got to know her, she said ‘she’s a lovely woman, but even back then I could see that she had a very dark side,”It was very apparent to me from what I saw.” Osbourne also spoke out about Locklear three months ago after the actress was hospitalized for the sixth time. Osbourne said, “that she says she’s going in for her daughter, but she really needs to go in for herself, or she will never be cured.”

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