Heather Menzies-Urich Of ‘Sound Of Music’ Dies Of Brain Cancer At 68

Heather Menzies-Urich,68, died on Christmas Eve, after battling brain cancer. Menzies played the third oldest child, Louisa von Trapp in the classic 1965 film. The actress was only 15 when she was cast in the ‘Rodgers and Hammerstein’ film. The actress was the widow of ‘Vegas’ star actor Robert Urich who died in 2002 of synovial sarcoma, a rare cancer of the soft tissue. The actor was 55, the couple married in 1975 and had three children together, Ryan, Emily and Allison. Ryan Urich confirmed his mother’s death in a statement to ‘Variety.’

He said, “She was an actress a ballerina and loved living her life to the fullest. She was not in any pain, but four weeks after she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she had enough, and took her last breath on 7:22 p.m.” Menzies was born in Toronto and living in Canada when she was cast in the film that would change her life forever. Many stars who worked with her in ‘Sound of Music’ and other films and TV shows paid tribute to the actress. Kym Karath who played the youngest von Trapp child, Gretl left her condolences on Twitter.


She said, “I am filled with infinite sadness tonight. My heart achs for my precious friend and SOS sister Heather Menzies who passed away this evening devastated.” Actor Willie Ames who worked with Menzies in the 1974 film ‘Doctor Dan’ said, “Devastated to hear of my one time sister Heather Menzies-Urich’s passing. Your love for Bob was the Sound of Music for all who knew you. RIP my dear friend.” Menzies-Urich appeared on Charter Communications in 2012 to promote a behind the scenes book put out by the seven actors that portrayed the von Trapp children in the classic film. Menzies said it was an amazing experience and she has no regrets about being part of movie history.

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