Janet Jackson Now Romantically Linked To Ex Boyfriend Jermaine Dupri

Singer Janet Jackson just finished her United States portion of her world tour. At the wrap party in Atlanta Jackson announced to guests that she is now dating music producer Jermaine Dupri. The couple were holding hands and stayed together through the entire party. The pair officially ended their seven year relationship eight years ago. A lot has happened in Jackson’s life since the pair have been apart. The 51 year old singer married her third husband Wissan Al Mana in 2012. The couple had a son last year.

The marriage fell apart, after claims of domestic violence and a slew of other allegations. The pair have been squabbling in divorce court through much of 2017. Friends of both Dupri and Jackson are saying that the couple picked up right where they left off seven years ago. “It’s as if they have never been apart.” says the source. The friend added, “They are in love and 100% back together.” When Al Mana and Jackson married, Dupri had zero contact with Jackson. After the couple split in April Dupri reached out to Jackson. Things just felt right the friend said, and they are learning new things about each other now.


Dupri did comment about about Jackson’s world tour recently. He said he hasn’t actually went to a show live, but saw some clips ‘and the show looks good.’ Right after the split in 2009, Jackson gave an interview to ‘Atlanta’s the Best Show’”I love him to death. We’re still good friends, we’re still very connected and we still talk. We’re there for one another, I think it will be that way for the rest of my life.” Dupri is also a rapper and recording artist in edition to being a highly acclaimed record producer. He formally was Mariah Carey’s talent agent, and produced her last album.

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