Jeannie Mai Of ‘The Real’ Says Her Divorce Has Turned Ugly

Emmy award winning talk show host Jeannie Mai says her divorce from her husband Freddy Harteis, is going to a dark place. Mai was recently on the ‘Breakfast Club’ to talk about her projects and the subject of her estranged husband came up. Harteis an actor best known for ‘The Hollywood Hunter’, married Mai in 2007. Last October Mai announced that after being married for 10 years she and Harteis had split. At the time she told the audience and her co-hosts, that the two were still ‘best friends’ and it’s tough but she will get through it.”

Now she’s singing a different tune, the ex couple have not yet finalized their divorce. One of the reasons Mai says for the split, is that Harteis wanted children and Mai,39, was not ready. Mai also said that ‘ego and money’ was also a big factor in the end of the marriage. She recalled a quote from her ex that he would frequently say, “It’s impossible to know who someone really is until they don’t get what they want.” Mai said it was that quote that proved to be true in her relationship with Freddy. As soon as the divorce came up it was all about money and his ego, the California native said.

Harteis is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend Linsey Toole, Mai has implied that the two got together before she split with Harteis. Mai explained that with the help of her co-hosts who are all very close friends, figured the time line of Toole’s pregnancy. The timing indicates that Harteis had been unfaithful during the marriage according to Mai. However all is not well with Harteis and Toole according to sources. Toole spent her recent birthday with her sister not with her boyfriend, she also stopped following him, and he stopped following her on social media. Meanwhile Mai says with the help of friends and family she is continuing to recover from the messy breakup.

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