Jeff Lewis Of ‘Flipping Out’ Splits With Long Time Partner Gage Edward

Reality TV star Jeff Lewis of Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’ has split with his business partner and boyfriend Gage Howard. The two have been romantically involved for over 10 years. Lewis and Edward adopted a girl, Monroe who is now 2. Lewis a interior designer, has been on the Bravo show since it first started airing in 2007. Lewis spoke about his split with Gage on his Sirius radio show ‘Jeffrey Lewis Live’. He said the split ‘was a long time coming’, and that he and Gage have been having problems for a long time.

He also revealed that the couple had been living in separate bedrooms for over a year. On the show, Lewis said that Gage has moved out of his home, and is living ‘in his own place now.’ A caller to the show asked Lewis how custody of Monroe would be handled. Lewis said, “I don’t even want go to there, but I am a single dad because the baby is with me.” The designer said, that he and Gage were basically roommates, and were trying to work out their problems. He also indicated that because the two ‘were friends with benefits’ a solid split was difficult.

He said that because he and Gage have a child together, it made it more difficult to split. However Lewis believes the split will be in the best interest of Monroe. The relationship he added “hasn’t been healthy for a while.” He also revealed that he was holding on to hope that the relationship could be repaired, but when it became apparent that it couldn’t, he asked Gage to leave. Lewis claims that Gage said their physical relationship ‘was extremely confusing to him.’ He said he didn’t throw him out, he just said he needed to leave and so he can have some space. Lewis said that he’s hopeful that they can parent Monroe in a healthy way.