Jennifer Garner Files For Divorce From Ben Affleck After Months Of Back And Forth

In a joint filing today in Los Angeles Superior Court Jennifer Grant filed for divorce from her husband Ben Affleck. The couple who married in 2005 filed jointly pro per, meaning they both represented each other with out attorneys. She initially filed and he filed an answer together which shows a huge coordination between the two.  No separation date was listed on the court papers, however the pair announced in June of 2015.

The two have been sending mixed messages to the public in the last several months. Announcing that they will formally divorce, and then saying the divorce was put on hold. The ex-couple both 44 made it official today with an actual court filing. The pair are not asking for spousal support at this time, but it could be awarded once a judge signs off on the divorce. There was no prenuptial agreement signed prior to the marriage. So all earnings the pair made since 2005 has to be split equally. Affleck made many millions more dollars than his soon to be ex wife. Garner for the most part took a break from acting so that she could take care of the couple’s 3 young children.

They are both seeking joint physical custody of their children. Sources close to the couple have said that they are negotiating a financial settlement between themselves. It is expected that all matters concerning the divorce will be handled through a private mediator. Since this is a joint filing that is coordinated between the two, it should become final in October of 2017. Affleck recently finished a stay at rehab for his alcohol issues, saying he feels “better than ever.”  Affleck had been living in a guest house of the family home in Brentwood. He moved out of the guest house three months ago, and that to some signaled a sign that the marriage was broken beyond repair.

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