Jennifer Garner Refuses To Divorce Ben Affleck Until He Is Clean And Sober

Actress Jennifer Garner is dragging her feet when it comes to signing final divorce papers. Garner and actor Ben Affleck formally separated in 2015, after ten years of marriage. The couple have three children, Violent, Seraphina and Samuel. Jennifer officially filed for divorce in 2017, according to a new court filing, the divorce could be called off by the judge presiding over the case. If the case is not settled soon, the divorce would be called off, and Garner or Affleck would have to start the process all over again.

According to a close friend of Garner’s, she wants Ben to get get control of his health and be clean and sober. She told the friend that if they didn’t have three young children, she would have signed the papers last year. She ‘wants him to be the best father he can be, and to do that, he has to be sober.’ Affleck has sent a clear message to Garner that he’s ready to move on. He’s been dating ‘Saturday Night Live’ producer Lindsay Shookus for a few years already, and the two live together in New York and Los Angeles.

Garner is digging her heels in says the friend, “she doesn’t want to agree to any visitation schedule with the children until she knows he’s really sober.” An Affleck source said that “Jennifer just can’t let go, this will be her second divorce. Ben is completely sober and goes to 12 step meetings every day, he has given Jennifer no indication that he’s not sober, and she has no proof that he isn’t.” The friend said she “can sign the divorce papers so they are legally divorced, and deal with the custody issues at a later time. She is using the kids as an excuse, he gets to see them regularly, if she’s so concerned about him not being sober, why is she letting him see them?”

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