Jennifer Hudson’s Custody Battle With Ex David Otunga Turns Ugly

Oscar winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson is doing battle with the father of her son. David Otunga. a former professional wrestler and Harvard educated lawyer is currently locked in a custody battle with his ex-Jennifer Hudson. The former couple met in 2007, became engaged in 2008, and Hudson had their son David Otunga, Jr. in 2009. The couple who never legally married and split in 2017 are currently locked in a contentious custody battle. Through court documents obtained by ‘The Blast’ Otunga is demanding loads of money from Hudson.

He wants Hudson to pay for all of his housing, and other every day living expenses. Hudson’s lawyers say, that Otunga is trying to ‘cash in, just because he had a child with someone famous.’ Otunga claims that he was the primary caregiver to their son, while they were together. Hudson says ‘that’s nonsense, because Otunga was still wrestling in those years, and was on the road constantly with the ‘WWE’. Otunga is trying to get total primary custody of their son, saying ‘that Hudson works too much to be a stable parent.’ Hudson claims that ‘if Otunga works or not works has nothing to do with whether he’s a better parent or not.’

Jennifer lives in the exclusive suburb of Chicago, Burr Ridge, Ill in a mega mansion. Hudson says in the the legal documents, ‘that Otunga is not entitled to housing money, nor should he be able to live in a house just like hers, ‘because they were never married, and she doesn’t think she should be forced to support him.’ Hudson also said, Otunga needs to ‘find a job, and support himself and their son.’ The two were supposed to go to a custody trial this month, they both asked for an extension to try to reach a settlement. A court date has been set for May 20, in the event they don’t come to an agreement.