Jennifer Lopez Being Sued For $6.5 Million Over ‘World Of Dance’ Dispute

Newly engaged Jennifer Lopez is being sued in Federal Court, for allegedly stealing the idea for ‘World of Dance.’ A man named Alvin Gray-El filed a federal lawsuit against Lopez, who is a judge and producer of the highly rated dance competition show. Also named in the lawsuit is Debbie Allen, the famed choreographer and star of ‘Fame’. She has nothing to do with the show say producers. NBC is also a named defendant, along with Lopez. Gray-El says he pitched a show idea in 2009 for a show called, ‘Let’s Start the Dance.’

Gray-El claims in the legal filing that he faxed his idea in 2009 to Allen and her production team, but he never heard back from her. The suit alleges that Gray-El copyrighted the show idea in 2010. He claims seven years later he learned that NBC was producing ‘World Of Dance.’ He claims he contacted NBC to let them know the premise for the show was his idea, and he never heard back from the network. The lawsuit does not go into detail regarding how the show idea went from Allen to Lopez. The producers say the show idea was brought to Lopez, it was not her original idea.

Gray-El is asking for $5 million dollars in actual damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages. Representatives for NBC and Lopez refused to comment on the lawsuit. Lopez who is the executive producer of the show, co-hosts with Ne-Yo and professional dancer and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alum Derek Hough. The show features dance acts from all over the world. The teams can be one person up to a large group of people. The winning team receives $1 million in prize money. The show is currently in it’s 3rd season on ‘NBC.’ Gray-El claims he’s entitled to at least the last three years of revenue the show produced since the show was his idea.