John Goodman Sort Of Weighs In On Cancellation Of ‘Roseanne’ Show

Actor John Goodman played Roseanne’s husband Dan Conner on the rebooted version of the show, and in the original. Goodman was seen out in New Orleans at an auto repair shop, when he was asked by local media about the hit show being canceled after Barr was involved in a racist Tweet scandal. Goodman electing to take the high road said, “ I would rather stay quiet than to cause more trouble.” The veteran actor of movies and television wanted his fans to be assured that ‘everything was fine’ with him.

Goodman and his wife of nearly 30 years Annabeth have lived in New Orleans for over 25 years. The actor and father of one daughter, Molly Goodman, has openly talked about his battle with alcoholism. He has said he’s shocked he was never fired from an acting job because of his battle with the bottle. He has been clean and sober since 2007 and credits ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ with his recovery. Meanwhile his TV wife Roseanne Barr, has continued to tweet since the show was canceled on Tuesday. She said ‘she’s tired of being smeared over one mistake after 30 years of being an activist.

Goodman told a reporter in New Orleans that he has never taken to social media, “I know nothing about it, I don’t read it.” He added, “I wasn’t going to get an Emmy anyway, I’ve been up there 11 times, if I didn’t get one by now, I wasn’t going to anyway.” Asked if he heard anything about a spin-off without Barr, Goodman said, “You know more about it than me, I haven’t heard that.” President Donald Trump who called Barr after the show premiered to stellar ratings, said ‘ABC’ are such hypocrites.” He said he gets slammed everyday in the media and on ABC, ‘but that’s ok with them, no one gets fired.’

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