John Travolta Wages War Against Critics Of His Latest Movie Bomb ‘Gotti’

Actor John Travolta and others associated with the bio film ‘Gotti’ are waging a war of words against critics of the film. Travolta is playing the late mafia boss John Gotti, who died in prison in 2002 at,62. Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston is playing Gotti’s wife Victoria Gotti, The film premiered at the Cannes festival in France to abysmal reviews, with a very small press corps in attendance. The movie flopped at the box office last week when it made it’s premiere, only taking in 1.6 million. This despite non stop interviews by Travolta and Preston to promote the film, in the weeks following the opening.

The movie film makers and Travolta himself have said that the critics are waging an all out war against the film for unknown reasons. The film rating giant ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ gave the film a zero percent score, which rarely happens. The movie was made with the cooperation of the Gotti family, John Gotti Jr. was a paid consultant on the film. Many critics have asserted that due to the Gotti family involvement in the film, it doesn’t present a full or authentic version of Gotti.

The official social media account of the film is saying, ‘fans love the movie, critics don’t who are you going to trust? The actual box office receipts don’t align with that argument. Actor Kevin Connolly of ‘Entourage’ fame directed the film. Travolta has had to make a rebound from numerous claims of sexual harassment against several men that worked for Travolta. The allegations were made mostly by male masseurs that Travolta hired. The last claim was made in November of 2017, Travolta never publicly acknowledge the claims nor denied them. Travolta a licensed pilot was also accused of sexual harassment by a former co-pilot. Travolta and Preston’s teen aged daughter Ella Bleu Travolta plays the daughter of Gotti, Angel Gotti in the film.

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