Jussie Smollett Likely To Face Charges For Filing False Police Report

According to ‘TMZ’ the Chicago Police Department is going to convene a Grand Jury. The Jury will determine if Somollett orchestrated his own attack. The police department now believe that the attack was planned and ordered by the ‘Empire’ star. The Chicago PD now refer to the singer as the ‘person who reported the incident.’ Somllett paid two Nigerian brothers $3500 to carry out the attack. According to a police source, the apartment the brothers live in was searched, and bleach, masks and rope were found.

Also found were magazines with letters cut out, the police believe the brothers sent the threatening letter to ‘FOX’ 8 days before the ‘attack’. The brothers are being kept in a secure location, under heavy police surveillance. They want to make sure no harm comes to them, and there is no contact between them and Smollett. When Somllett was told that the two brothers were arrested he refused to sign a complaint against them. He told the police he ‘knows them, and he feels sorry for them.’ In the wake of the new direction the investigation is taking Smollett has retained a top notch legal team.


A police source said they were suspicious of the actor from the moment he made the report. They say when he took detectives to the area where the attack allegedly occurred, Smollett pointed out an obscure camera. They were surprised that he was aware of that camera. They also didn’t believe that Trump supporters watch ‘Empire.’ They also didn’t buy that he was walking the streets of Chicago at 2:00 am to buy a sandwich in sub freezing weather. Police say one brother was an extra on ‘Empire’ and another is Smollett’s personal trainer. They are cooperating with the police, and were released from custody because they said they were hired to attack Smollett by Smollett.

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