Justin Bieber Abruptly Cancels 14 Remaining ‘Purpose’ World Tour Dates

After performing 150 tour dates, singer Justin Bieber abruptly canceled the last 14 shows of his world wide ‘Purpose’ tour. The tour which began on March 9, 2016 was set to finish on September 24, 2017 in Asia. Bieber, 23, would only say through a representative, that’s it’s due to unforeseen circumstances that he can not do any more shows. No other reason was given, and fans were advised they could get a full refund ‘at the point of purchase.’ Bieber thanked his fans who have been loyal and supportive and with him every step of the tour.

He thanked his cast and road crew for their hard work, but said after thoughtful consideration, he could no longer perform the remaining shows. The tour has not come without issues for the former Youtube sensation. In Stockholm, Sweden on June 11 at the ‘Summerburst Festival’ an angry fan threw a water bottle on stage hitting Bieber. The bottle was thrown immediately after Bieber refused to sing the song ‘Despacito’. The singer said he couldn’t sing the song because ‘he didn’t know the song.’ Bieber was recently banned from all venues in China due to his bad behavior in the country in the past.


Bieber also refused to do all ‘meet and greets’ for the ‘Purpose’ tour. He said he his purpose in doing the tour was to make people smile and happy. However he couldn’t do the ‘meet and greets’ at his expense. He said the back stage interactions with fans left him feeling emotionally drained, exhausted and depressed. He tried to explain that the expectations that fans have of him, is too much to bare on his shoulders, and he just can not do it, which resulted in many fans blasting him on social media.

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