Kanye West Files Lawsuits Against Jay-Z & EMI Records

Kanye West’s legal team was very busy all day Friday filing two lawsuits on behalf of the rapper. West is waging war against the record label ‘EMI’ that helped launch his career. He also has an issue with Jay-Z’s record label ‘Roc-A-Fella’. In the legal documents West claims that he had an exclusive contract with the label, and he wants ‘his rights restored’, and he also wants millions of dollars in damages. West is also suing the label he first recorded with, ‘EMI Records’.

The suit claims he signed with the label in 2003, the year before he released his first album ‘College Dropout’. West says he had written over 200 songs for the label by 2011. He claims that he was never credited or paid for the songs he wrote. He claims that the songs are some of the most successful and influential songs in his catalog. The specific songs are not named, a notation on the documents claim if the case precedes to trial, the songs will be named at that time. West claims that this suit ‘is serious’, and because of that, he wants only the ‘best and brightest legal minds on his team.’


He hired what is considered to be the best ‘intellectual property’ firms in the country. The firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan have been retained by West to handle these two lawsuits. West and Jay-Z have a long and sometimes troubled history between them. Last year he told David Letterman that he and West are brothers, ‘beyond brothers really’. He went on to explain that when you have a sibling sometimes things happen and there are issues, but he will always ‘look upon Kanye as a brother.’ Bad blood seemed to escalate between the two after Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce missed Kanye’s wedding to Kim Kardashian in 2014. Jay-Z said he was having martial problems with his wife, and that is the reason they didn’t attend.