Kathy Griffin Shaves Her Head To Support Sister Battling Cancer

It’s been a rough year for comedian Kathy Griffin, and the hits keep on coming. The red headed comic revealed a shaved head through social media. She did it she says to show support to her sister, Joyce Griffin who is very ill with cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Some pictures show Griffin with her mother Maggie Griffin. The mother was clearly touched by Kathy’s gesture. She later posted, “My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being.”

It has not been disclosed what type of cancer Joyce currently has or what stage the cancer is in. However this is not the first time Griffin’s family has been touched by the disease. Kathy’s older brother Cary Griffin died of esophageal cancer in 2014 at the age of 63 after a 2 year battle.  Kathy is trying to recover from a disastrous artistic project that went very wrong. In late May, Griffin was photographed with a bloody head, the bore a striking resemblance to President Donald Trump. She was instantly slammed by democrats, republicans, fans and other artists.


Griffin reportedly lost thousands of dollars in canceled comedy gigs, and a stern firing from CNN as host of the annual New Years Eve program with co-host Anderson Cooper. The white haired anchor said, he thought what Griffin did was extremely inappropriate. Aside from the financial loses, Griffin was also facing an FBI investigation, and possible legal consequences. On July 28th Griffin let her fans know that she was completely cleared by the FBI. Griffin said “ I am no longer under federal investigation, the case is closed, finally.” Griffin did apologize for the Trump head, saying she’s sorry and she made a mistake. It was reported in June that Griffin was fired from all gigs, and had no more lined up, she is scrambling to try save career.

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