Kelly Clarkson Helps Bump Up ‘The Voice’ Ratings As ‘American Idol’ Struggles With Katy Perry

The Voice on NBC is receiving some of it’s highest ratings in the show’s history. Producers are giving high fives to it’s newest coach, singer and ‘American Idol’ alum Kelly Clarkson. An ‘NBC’ insider told US Magazine, that Clarkson is happy the show is doing so well with her as one of the coaches. She is excited about the season and will definitely sign on for another season at this rate. The newly rebooted ‘American Idol’ is in a competing time slot on ‘ABC’, Singers Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan.

Host Ryan Seacrest returned to the show that he has hosted since it first launched in the US in 2002. Although the three ‘Idol’ judges seem to have a on air chemistry, the show is not being as warmly received as ‘The Voice’. Rumors are circulating that staff and crew, are having issues with Perry behaving like a ‘diva’. They are telling sources that she is is making outlandish demands, and treats the show’s staff very badly and unprofessional. Clarkson inked a multi million dollar deal to sign on as a coach, with ‘The Voice’. Producers are certain they made the right choice and say ‘she is worth every penny of her contract’.

Clarkson told Ellen Degeneres that she ‘had been in talks with ‘The Voice’ for a few years before committing to signing on. “I’ve been a part The Voice team for a while, because my husband manages Blake Shelton, and I’ve been on the show a lot.” She continued referring to ‘Idol’. “I’ve been there 15 years, I was there every single season. I’ve given them enough.” Clarkson joins season 14 of ‘The Voice’ with Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton. Levine said of the mother of the two. “Kelly comes across as very genuine, that’s why she is such a fan favorite in everything she does.”

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