Kendall Jenner Lashes Out Against TMZ For Helping Stalker Find Her Home

Model and reality star Kendall Jenner is blaming the news outlet ‘TMZ’ for revealing her address on the site. Lawyer and owner of ‘TMZ’ Harvey Levin defended his site, by saying they never revealed her exact address, that is something they do not do as a matter of policy Levin said. Jenner has been dealing with a persistent stalker for the last few months. John Ford, 37, has managed to find Jenner’s house several times. Ford, a Canadian citizen is currently behind bars after security at Jenner’s gated community found him sitting in her backyard.

Jenner plucked down 8.5 million dollars for her mansion, that sits behind a gate that is monitored 24/7 by armed guards. Jenner bought the home of Charlie Sheen last year, which has many famous people living inside the gated walls. Ford will not be deported to Canada because he has not been charged with a violent crime. He has not made any threats against Jenner, he merely shows up at her home. Once he was found swimming in her pool for an hour before security nabbed him. His current charge is criminal trespass which is a misdemeanor.

Ford is currently being held at the Los Angeles County Jail, awaiting an appearance before a judge. The most he would be sentenced to is 6 months. Due to severe over crowding at the jail, experts are saying he will be out in a few days. The first time he was caught he was taken to a psychiatric facility for a mental evaluation. He was released hours later, when doctors ‘deemed him mentally stable.’ Jenner can apply for a restraining order against Ford, she may or may not get one, since he has not threatened her, nor displayed any violence against her. A source close to Jenner, said she has hired her own private security.

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