Kevin Spacey’s Lawyer Says The Newest Sexual Assault Allegation Is False

Actor Kevin Spacey who has been hiding the last year, made a strange video appearance on social media. He appeared to be in the character of ‘Frank Underwood’ from ‘House of Cards’ the show he was fired from after several sexual harassment claims surfaced. Now Spacey is facing jail time with a new allegation that was filed on Christmas Eve in Massachusetts. Spacey’s lawyers went to court last week and said that the groping was consensual and the victim allowed it the groping for three minutes. Spacey is facing five years in prison if he’s convicted, he will be arraigned in court in Massachusetts in two weeks.

The victim is the son of former Boston News anchor Heather Unruh, who talked about the incident last year. She said that Spacey plied her son with alcohol until he was intoxicated and then sexually assaulted him. Spacey’s lawyers also claim the victim who was 18 in 2016 when the incident allegedly took place, approached the actor. The man say lawyers asked Spacey for his phone number and gave him his phone number. The incident took place at the ‘Club Car’ bar in Nantucket, MA. A Spacey lawyer also said that man lied about his age telling Spacey he was 23.

Unruh who is now 20, also filmed some of the incident and sent it to his girlfriend via snap-chat. The victim alleges he sent the video because his girlfriend didn’t believe he was was being groped by Spacey. The attorney Alan Jackson, argued that the victim didn’t move away from his client, and the video shows Spacey’s hand on Unruh’s shirt, and there is no evidence of any sexual groping in the video. Unruh also told police that he 10 drinks of beer and whiskey in less than an hour and could have blacked out. Spacey is facing several other sexual assault claims, one being in London.

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