Kim Kardashian Buys Cartier Watch Previously Owned By Jackie Kennedy For $395,000

It was revealed over the weekend that reality star Kim Kardashian bought a Cartier watch owned by the most famous woman of her time, Jacqueline Kennedy at auction. The watch which was auctioned off on Wednesday at Christie’s Auction House, was expected to fetch $120,000, Kardashian paid three times that amount at $395,000. Kardashian has said since her infamous Paris robbery last October she planned on ‘simplifying’ her life. The watch is timeless and plain considering who it once it belonged to, it has no diamonds and is a very plain model.

Kardashian  appeared on the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ recently and said she didn’t know if she would ever wear glitzy jewelry again. The mother of two and wife of rapper Kayne West, said the robbery changed everything about her life. She went on to say she wouldn’t share every detail of everything she does, wears, eats, etc. on social media anymore. Kardashian was an anonymous buyer at the Christie’s auction, but an insider leaked out the information that it was Kim herself who was indeed the buyer.

The watch was originally given to Jacqueline Kennedy as a gift by her then brother in law Prince Stanislaw Radziwill on February 23, 1963. It was to commemorate a 50 mile hike that the Prince took part in on behalf of President John Kennedy only a few months before the president was assassinated. This is not the first time that Kardashian has sought out a piece of nostalgia. In 2011 the reality star bought three bracelets owned by the late actress Elizabeth Taylor. Kim interviewed Taylor for ‘Harpers Baazzar a month before the legendary actress passed away in March of 2011. A few months later Kardashian shelled out a modest 65 K for three diamond and jade gold bracelets the movie star once owned.

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